Posted: 8/13/2007
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Roberts: One American Family

First Generation
Jacob / Mary (Morah or Marey)

Second Generation
Isaac / Mary Ann Burchfield

Third Generation
Starling / Margret M. Smith

Fourth Generation
M. Bains / Susan Ellen Harris


Second Generation

Isaac "Ike" Robert was born in 1783 in South Carolina, the first of Jacob and Mary Roberts' 10 children.

This is to certify that Isaac Roberts a private in Capt. Johnstons Company State Troops stationed at Winyaw has served from the 28th June to 28th Sept 1812 --
Fort Winyaw
11th Nov. 1812
B.D. Heriot, Lt
Commanding Drafted Men at Winyaw

Marriage certificate from Marriage Book 1, page 230 current Madison County AL
To any lawful Judge, Justice, or Minister of the Gospel:

These are to authorise you or either of you, to solemnize the rites of matrimony between Isaac Roberts and Anny Burchfield of your county, agreeable to the statute in such county made and provided--Given at the Register's Office of said county, this 27th day of February 1814.

Ike Roberts was a farmer and married Mary Ann Burchfield. Today's Roberts family of Jefferson County AL originally located in the western section of the county when Isaac Roberts arrived from South Carolina sometime during the 1820s.

Ike Roberts first appeared in Jefferson County, AL in the 1840 census.

Isaac Roberts purchased land from Jeremiah Burchfield on Nov 3, 1835, Book 5, p. 363, Jefferson County AL.


Jefferson County Will Book A, page 241:

Will and Proof 1856-1880

In the name of God amin

I Isaac Roberts of the county of Jefferson and State of Alabama being of sound and disposing mind and memory and knowing the great uncertainty of make or xxxx publish and declare this to be my last will and testament as for this body I make no preamble my soul I commit unto God who gave it

1st I wish all my fresh debts paid owing but little if any
2nd I give bequeath and xxxxxx unto my two Single daughters Elizabeth and Mellissa the following described lands (viz?XXX) the South East quarter of the South East

Jefferson County AL Probate Records: p.240

Isaac [his mark] Roberts. Last Will and Testament dated 16 Jan, 1868; codicil dated 16 Mar. 1869; probated 8 Oct. 1869. May two single daughters, Elizabeth and Melissa; son-in-law, R.G. Frankliin; son, Bird Robert; son-in-law, A.J. Howton; son, Starling Roberts; son Bird, executer. Witnesses: O.M. Smith, Nancy S. Smith. Codicil want Elizabeth to receive Melissa's share as Melissa has died.

Proof - 11 June 1869
Isaac Roberts departed this life on or about the 23rd of May, 1869 leaving his children, to-wit: Starling Roberts, Julia Franklin, wife of Cam Franklin, Mary Howton, wife of A.J. Howton, Elizabeth Roberts and your petitioner, Bird Roberts, all of whom reside in this country and all upwards of 21 years old; the decedent left no widow.


Oct 30, 1869 - Issac Roberts - Inventory and Appraisal of the personal property belonging to the estate of Isaac Roberts, deceased. Byrd Roberts Administrator. Heirs: Starling Roberts; Judah Franklin, wife of Cam Franklin; Mary Howton, wife of A.J. Howton; Elizabeth Roberts; Byrd Roberts. Completed 8 Dec 1869-filed 11 day of June 1869.

Children of Isaac Roberts and Mary Ann Burchfield:

1. Starling T. "Starl", b. Sept 14, 1822, m. Margret Matilda "Till" Smith, d. Mar 27, 1909, Jefferson County, AL.

2. Julia Ann, b. 1826 in AL, m. Elcany G. Franklin

3. John Roberts, b. about 1828 in AL, m. Mary S. Swen, d. ?.

4. Mary, b. 1830 in AL, m. Alfred J. Howton.

5. Elizabeth, b. about 1834 in AL.

6. Malissa, b. about 1836 in AL., d. 1869.

7. Byrd "Tisket", b. May 24, 1839 in AL, m. Elizabeth A. Fields, d. Dec 31, 1902.

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